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Lose 10 Pounds In 10 Days!

Lose 10 Pounds In 10 Days!

You've Tried So Many Of the fad diets...
and they don't work. They leave you feeling...

Guilty For Eating just about anything...(except lettuce or Kale)

The more you think about what you eat, the more guilt and shame you feel. There's always uneasiness towards food and feeling like food controls most of your thought life.

Like Your Happiness is Based On What the scale says each morning

Today the scale says "down 1 lb" and you have a great day, only to be miserable tomorrow when the scale goes back up by 2. What a horrible emotional rollercoaster!

unworthy when you look in the mirror and don't like what You see

Just the thought of looking at yourself naked in the mirror makes you uncomfortable and uneasy. There's no love here, in fact, it's the opposite - strong dislike.

You Could Try Another Fad Diet.
Here's How That Looks...

You Can Never Eat Your
Favorite Foods Again

The thing that sucks about most fad diets is that they make you eliminate food groups. No more bread, chocolate, peanut butter...and honestly, who wants to live like that!?

You Count Calories and Carbs Each day

Counting is not a great system otherwise most women would already be at their target weight goal, right!? (we have all counted calories or carbs or something, and it isn't sustainable so it doesn't work!)

You End Up Cheating and Quit a few days in

Let's face it, diets are hard to stick to. Usually, you get off to a strong start, but one "cheat" leads to another cheat and it snowballs from there. That's when you find yourself completely derailed.

The Stats Say That For Every Diet You Try, You Actually End Up Gaining Weight...

You literally gain an average of 3lbs for each diet you try.

Diets Aren't Sustainable for the long term and that's why they don't work!

You Might Lose Weight But Then You Gain It All Back (Plus A Little Bit Extra).

Fad diets are so restrictive and let's be honest - no one can sustain that for long! Life doesn't always allow for you to only eat bird seed and rabbit food. Plus, God made so many amazing foods for us to enjoy!

Diets create a vicious cycle in your brain, where every time you "mess up," you feel terrible because you "cheated." This keeps you stuck on the dieting hamster wheel where you're always starting the "next diet."

Your identity and self-worth are based on the numbers you see on the scale because of what the media and fad diet culture have taught you...but your identity is in Christ and has NOTHING to do with the scale! 

most of these Diet programs don't get to the root of the problem...

You may feel like it is IMPOSSIBLE to lose weight and keep it off because you've failed so many times before.

But it's not your fault! 

There's a missing piece to the puzzle. 

The fad diet culture has been telling us lies. 

Think about it - we are taught to go on a diet because we DISLIKE ourselves. So we decide to PUNISH our bodies by depriving ourselves and by eliminating food groups...all in the name of trying to live up to some unreasonable picture of what culture tells us we *should* look like.

But God created you and I each uniquely...

God didn't make any mistakes when He created you!

Healthy isn't a size. And God did not create most of us to look like the models. 

But God does ask us to take good care of our bodies...

That means taking good care of your body by FUELLING it well.

That means LOVING who God created YOU to be!

That means living at a healthy weight so that you can carry out the purpose that God has for you.

The truth is, it's not about the food - it's about your RELATIONSHIP with food.

And there is good news! You CAN change your relationship with food.

You CAN lose weight WITHOUT being on a diet...

And it starts by firing your diet and inviting God into the journey!

We Have helped thousands of Women Fire their diets...
And Get off The Dieting Hamster Wheel FOR GOOD!

We've called it the 10 Day Weigh Down Plan and it is going to absolutely transform your body, mind, and soul.

Learn how to take back the control that food has over you, once and for all. 

Learn how to love who God created you to be!

Learn to lose weight by FUELLING your body well...without eliminating any food groups, and without counting calories, carbs (or anything else)!

The Best Part is: It's Not A Diet!

We Will teach you how to create a healthy lifestyle

what if you never felt guilty about the tasty food you eat ever again- and you still lost weight?

Sound Too Good To Be True?
Hang Tight. We're About To Show You Exactly How.

Fire Your Diet And Do The...

10 Day Weigh Down

10 Day Weigh Down

Here's What Is Going To Happen On The 10 Day Weigh Down Plan...

You will Lose Weight While eating delicious, wholesome food

The goal is to treat our bodies like a temple because we want to take good care of ourselves...not to deprive or punish our bodies because we don't like ourselves. And that means that we eat delicious, wholesome foods!

You Will learn to fuel your body with the
RIGHT fuel

It's about quality in = quality out. Think of a car: it requires the right FUEL to run properly and efficiently. Our bodies are much the same - they need the right FUEL and the right amount of fuel to run well, like God designed.

You Will transform your life by inviting god into your journey

As followers of Christ we invite God into every other part of our life, so it is time we invite Him into our weight loss journey as well. Here's the thing, with God on our side, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!
Can we get an Amen!? :) 


Weight Doesn't Come Off By Accident...

The 10 Day Weigh Down Plan isn't the only way to lose weight, but it is (in our humble opinions) the best way to lose weight because it's about creating a healthy lifestyle with the goal of fuelling your body well. It's about deciding to treat our bodies like a temple instead of a trash can... being mindful and aware of what we put into our mouth.

  • Learn what it means to FUEL your body well. This means being mindful and aware of what we put into our more mindless overeating.
  • Learn how to neutralize your cravings. Here's the thing, most of your cravings come from chemicals and preservatives in your when we cut out the crap, our cravings virtually disappear!
  • Learn that it is possible to eat delicious foods WHILE losing weight... it's about learning to view food as the fuel that keeps your body running (and not using food as the go-to for all our emotions)
  • Learn to invite God into the journey! We like to say that we invite God to the table with us. We invite Him into all other areas of our life, so it's time we invite Him into our weight loss journey as well.

We Have Done All the Fad Diets, Just Like You!
And we were on that same dieting hamster wheel until we started the...

10 Day
Weigh Down!

10 Day Weigh Down!

Now we help women lose weight and keep it off in 10 day increments.


10 Day Weigh Down Plan

Our plan that outlines the exact steps to
losing weight without being on a diet!


Foundations Of The Weigh Down Lifestyle

Ruth & Kayce have recorded a series of videos to help you get started the right way! You will also find all of the downloadables that you need for your first 10 Days!

The videos go over what to expect on the 10 Day Weigh Down Plan, your grocery shopping plan, and setting the right expectations.

This first module is a great start and will help you get the best results possible!


Preparation Is Key!

In Module 2, you are going to learn how to prepare properly. The 10 Day Weigh Down is all about fueling your body with the RIGHT STUFF!

You'll also learn some important information, like: 
- What to do when you go out to a restaurant
- How much water should you drink
- What about portion sizes

Lastly, we cover a little bit about taking ownership of your weight, and what to do when you start feeling overwhelmed. You're going to love these videos!


DAY 1 - Smoothie Day!

We start with a delicious smoothie day for a few reasons. Firstly it helps to snap our bodies out of the sugar habit (because most of us are consuming a TON of sugar and we don't even realize it because it is a hidden ingredient in so many foods!).

Secondly it helps us to become aware of just how much we mindlessly eat.

Thirdly it gives our digestive system a bit of a break because the smoothies are already mostly broken down (but we are still getting all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients!



Days 2 thru 10 are all about learning how to fuel your body. That means eating tasty, delicious, wholesome foods AND eating the right amount of food. 

You'll eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and have 2 snacks. We are talking about regular foods that you probably already have in your cupboard...things like oatmeal, eggs and toast, corn and black bean quinoa salad, tuna melts, beef and potato stew, quesadillas, chicken and sweet potatoes, the list goes on and on!

You will learn how to make healthy eating part of your lifestyle because you want to treat your body well. This is NOT another diet...this is learning to treat your body like a temple instead of a trash can!



Woohoo! You completed your first 10 days of a healthy new lifestyle and you have experienced some AMAZING results - let's celebrate!!!

Women often say "well, 10 days is pretty short - why 10 days?"

We say that 10 days is the PERFECT amount of time because it is short enough that anyone can do it...especially when you are starting out and are nervous to try another new thing. But 10 days is also long enough for you to begin to see some INCREDIBLE results - both on-scale and non-scale victories! 

We break it down into 10 days at a time so that it is manageable bite-sized chunks...we want to eliminate the feelings of overwhelm and actually get results...and small baby steps is the way to do that!

Now it's time to start another 10 Day cycle of the 10 Day Weigh Down!

after your first 10 Day Weigh Down round, you're going to believe in yourself for the first time in a long time...
And you are going to experience the freedom of losing weight without being on a diet!


10 Day Weigh Down

Learn to lose weight without being on a diet by fuelling your body with the right ingredients.

Transform your relationship with food, invite God into the journey, and start losing weight now!

Here's everything that's included:

10 Day Weigh Down Plan (Value $297)

(Downloadable Plan)

Everything you need to start your new, healthy lifestyle! This includes over 40 delicious recipes, instructions, a shopping list and more!

Instructional Videos (Value $147)


Ruth & Kayce will walk you through all the details of what it means to live the Weigh Down Lifestyle...from what brands we buy to our best tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle, it's all here in the Video section!

Motivational & Mindset Videos (Value $147)


We know that change can be challenging and we know (from our own personal experience and from working with thousands of women) the mental roadblocks that cause us to stumble as we make healthy changes to our we have created videos for you to help you through the highs, lows, and everything in between!

10 Day Weigh Down Devotionals  (Value $47)

(Downloadable Devotionals)

We truly believe that inviting God into the journey is the most important part of this plan! That's why we have daily devotionals to keep us in the Word and remembering to invite God to the table.

Tracker Sheets & Templates (Value $47)

(Downloadable Files)

We've got water tracker sheets, weight & measurement tracker sheets, meal planning templates, free foods list...we have got all the bases covered so there's no guess work for you!

Total Value: $685

Today's Price: Just $97


If you don't get any results from the Food Freedom Workshop for whatever reason, just show us that you've gone through the entire workshop and done the worksheets, and we'll give you your money back.

Still have questions? We've Got Answers...

Will This Work For Me?

The short answer is YES! We have had over 500 women do the 10 Day Weigh Down Plan and they have had INCREDIBLE results.

The thing is, this will work if you do the work. Creating a new lifestyle requires commitment, but the results are so worth it! The Bible promises that we reap what we if we sow the seeds of healthy habits, we will reap the rewards of that over time!

Is This a meal plan?

Yes! The 10 Day Weigh Down comes with amazing, delicious recipes and instructions for you so that there is NO GUESS WORK!

You pick the recipes that you want to if there is one that you don't care for, then just pick one that you do like! These are regular recipes for everyday people...using ingredients that you likely already have in your fridge. 

The goal of the 10 Day Weigh Down Plan is to teach you how to incorporate healthy living into your lifestyle!

How is this different from any other programs i've tried?

The 10 Day Weigh Down Plan is not a diet. We do not believe in diets because diets are restrictive and force you to eliminate all your favorite foods (or to count calories or carbs, etc).

The 10 Day Weigh Down Plan is all about eating delicious healthy foods that FUEL your body. This means that we don't eliminate any food groups and we don't count anything!

What we do is focus on mindful eating and managing our portion sizes.

The other big difference is that we invite God into the journey with us, because with God on our side, all things are POSSIBLE!

I have allergies...will this work for me?


We have had lots of women with allergies and sensitivities who have done the 10 Day Weigh Down Plan.

There are plenty of recipes to choose from and substitutions that you can make, depending on your needs.

Do you Have a guarantee?

Yes! Here it is:

If you don't get any results from the Food Freedom Workshop for whatever reason, just show us that you've gone through the entire workshop and done the worksheets, and we'll give you your money back.

How Much Time Will This Take?

Once you purchase the Food Freedom Workshop, you will gain immediate access to the Day 1 content, which includes a video to watch and a worksheet to work through.

Over the next 5 days, you'll receive an email with the link to the next day's content.

Generally, we say that each day's content takes about 20-30 minutes to complete. You will have unlimited access to the Food Freedom Workshop, so you can complete the content on your own time, whenever you like, and however many times you like.

It's Time To Transform Your Life
and to lose weight without being on a diet.

Over 500 women have changed their life using the 10 Day Weigh Down Plan and their results are astounding!


If you complete the 10 Day Weigh Down Course and follow the plan for the full 10 days, and still don't get any results, we'll give you 100% of your money back.


If you don't get any results from the Food Freedom Workshop for whatever reason, just show us that you've gone through the entire workshop and done the worksheets, and we'll give you your money back.

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